Tuesday, January 24, 2017

24 January, Tuesday

  Fill in Opt-Out Form if you have a copy of the English TYS or are on Financial Assistance Scheme by 1700 26 January, Thursday
  Diagnostic Redraft:Thesis Statement by 2359 27 January, Friday
  Prepare to talk about an article from your Broader Perspectives or Present Perfect by 3 February, Friday

  Prepare Math File
     5 Sections
        -Financial Math and Differentiation
        -Check-In and Check-Out Quizzes
        -Worksheet 301 - 304
     Test and Exams
        -Diagnostic Test
        -Investigation (Discount, Service Charge and GST)
        -Income Tax Worksheet

  Finish the Check-Out Quiz on Differentiation if you haven't done so by 25 January, Wednesday

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