Wednesday, January 25, 2017

25 January, Wednesday

(Hehe, since YZ is unable to post today, I'm posting for today)

  Diagnostic Test Redraft, due 27 January, Friday
  Prepare your reading assignment presentation by next week

  Assignment 1(a): All questions from Q1
  Prepare Math File
     5 Sections
        -Financial Math and Differentiation
        -Check-In and Check-Out Quizzes
        -Worksheet 301 - 304
     Test and Exams
        -Diagnostic Test
        -Investigation (Discount, Service Charge and GST)
        -Income Tax Worksheet

  作文 (二), due next CL lesson after LNY Break

  SBQ, Qn(a) and (c), due next SS lesson

Please comment if I have missed out anything, thanks!

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