Friday, March 10, 2017

10 March, Friday

 A Math - HW 3(Tiers A and B) submit on Mon, T2W1
 E Math - (MGS Paper 1) submit on Mon, T2W1
 A Math (Calculus qns) - self check ans
 E Math (2013 Common Test) - to be discussed during Week 5 Revision

 Essay (if you have not completed)
 Editing Practices in ggle classroom
 Mind mapping and content generation (look at ggle classroom for more info on it)

 Practice task for SPA skill 1&2
 Workbook Worksheet 18A, pg 169 (due Mon, 3.30pm) 
    - Section A: all qns
    - Section B: Q3, Q4, Q5
    - Section C: all qns
 Workbook Worksheet 18B, pg 175 (due Wed, 3.30pm) 
    - Section A: all qns
    - Section B: Q2 only
    - Section C: all qns

Social Studies:
 SS textbook pg 269, Qn 1a [pg 233-235] 

 Electrolysis WB
 Atm & Env WS
 Atm & Env WB
 SPA Skill 3
 Electrolysis assignment

 Essay [if you hve not completed it in class]

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